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Magic City – NATPE 2012

This morning I got to attend a panel conversation with the Executive Producer/writer and actors of Magic City, a new period drama set in late 1950s Miami. The story follows the lifestyles of mobsters, heiresses and working ladies and the inner workings of the hotel scene and life in 1950s Miami.

The show will be aired on Starz in April 2012 and the first season will be eight (or ten) episodes. The show runner sees a future in this series and hopes to follow the characters and the city through the Kennedy assassination in the early sixties.

The uniqueness of this show is that it is one of the few Miami-based shows to actually be shot in the city of Miami. As you may know, Dexter is set in Miami, yet shot in Long Beach, California. Starz has built an almost identical replica of the hotels needed for shooting here in Miami Beach. As mentioned by the executive producer, Mitch Glazer, an individual coming to the set often thought it was an actual hotel. He joked that some of the Golden Globes representatives might still be there.

The big name actor tied to this show is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Take a look at IMDB for Morgan to see just how many things you might recognize him from. Most recently, network television watchers might recall his characters on Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural.

A writer for the Miami Herald was moderating the panel and commented on the music licensed for the show. The executive producer, Mitch Glazer, commented on the authenticity needed in the music of the era: His trick, include the music he wanted in the temps sent to Starz, so that the producers seek out the licensing. For one scene in the series opener, Bobby Darin’s tune “Beyond the Sea” was licensed for a pool scene. I would imagine this was somewhere between $35k-$100k to use this one song.

So, the question is: Will this show make it through the Kennedy assassination? Or will season one be it’s one and only?

Even though the user rating on IMDB is 4/10, I still plan on checking it out in April. Mainly because period dramas on premium cable can be quite a treat.


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